Problems While Translating a Course in Articulate Storyline

Problems While Translating a Course in Articulate Storyline

We know most companies are expanding globally. So, they need to translate their training programs into multiple languages. The task of translating online courses is not as easy as the development of eLearning courses.

Articulate Storyline is a very flexible tool for translation; It facilitates easy and quick translations. But, we may face some problems while translating into another language.

Let’s see some of the issues we face while translating a course with Articulate Storyline.

Import a translated course

After Importing the translated document into Storyline file, all text should change into the translated language. But we face some problems such as alignment glitches, difficulties in translation of the text in images, text which is not translated, issues in player settings etc.

Alignment: Often, the biggest problem is alignment. You know that we have lot of tabs and buttons in the course. The size of the translated text gets smaller if the number of characters in it is more than its English version. This is because the size of the button or the tab remains the same.



Text in images: The text in images will not be translated. We have to perform the translation manually.

Text in images

Text which is not translated: We need to check whether all text in the course is translated or not. In some cases, the text is not been translated because of missingIDs (ex: bp_6AKE4uFn.Name).

Text which is not translated

Player settings: Finally, check player settings because many a time we face problems due to wrong player settings. In this we need to change language. To do so, go to player properties and click the tab Text Labels and select desired language. By doing this, many problems can be resolved.

Text Labels

By taking proper care to resolve these issues, we can ensure output of very high quality.I hope you find this blog informative. Do share your views.

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