Are You Satisfied With Your LMS Reports?

Are You Satisfied With Your LMS Reports?

are you satisfied with your lms reports?

One of the important features of a Learning Management System is the report builder. Any typical LMS stores every minute detail of all training in its database. To get the required report for evaluating training, you need to generate the report using the LMS report builder.

Generating a report from report builder requires lot of logical and technical knowledge of the tool. As a training manager you may find it difficult to select the right parameters and to add the right filter which gives the desired report. After unsuccessful attempts you may contact the LMS administrator to generate it for you, which is a time consuming process.

In the following report from E-learning Guild, you can see the reporting capabilities of popular LMSs. The default reports available in an LMS may not give you the required reports. Else they may make it very difficult to get the required reports using the report builder.

Reporting capabilities

Reporting capabilities

Every organization has different training structures and variety of training content. It is not possible for a report builder to generate any kind of report. Based on my experience, I can say there are three options available to get the customized reports.

Option 1: The specific report definitely requires customization as the data is stored in various datasets in the database. At the time of selecting a new LMS, you may also mention required report as one of the requirements, so that it can be included in the default LMS reports. You can generate this report without any extra effort.

Option 2: Administrators work closely with LMS service provider in the LMS upgrade process. This is the right time for you to add your specific report in default reports. Next time when you need it you can easily generate it.

Option 3: The above options may be costly if done by existing LMS vendor; it may cost around $ 25,000 – $30,000 per customized report. Alternatively the cost effective solution is to use any trusted third-party vendor who can develop such customized report externally using the LMS database. You can develop any number of customized reports based on your specific requirements without waiting for the next upgrade and this can be done at very low cost.

We have developed such customized reports for our customers, and training managers are able to generate the report with a couple of clicks and without any help from the LMS administrator or the support team.

If you need any assistance in developing such customized report for your LMS, then please contact us.

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