Top 5 Blogs That You Missed This Week

Top 5 Blogs That You Missed This Week

Top 5 Blogs That You Missed This Week

The previous week has been incredible, with more than 15 blogs and 7 info-graphics posted. If you’re looking to catch up on what you might have missed last week, take a few minutes to check out our four most widely shared posts of this week.

1. 3 Good Strategies to Chunk E-learning Content Effectively

Are you new to eLearning and want to know the secret of building successful online courses? Well, an important element in the creation of a highly effective eLearning course is efficient content chunking. Now, you might have a few questions such as:

  • What is content chunking?
  • How is it useful?
  • What are the various content chunking strategies used by instructional designers?

We have answers to all your questions Click here. Here is a blog which provides insights into the nuts and bolts of content chunking.

2. How to Deliver Engaging Fire Safety Training Course Through E-learning

If you want to train a large workforce on fire safety, then eLearning is the best choice. Here is a blog that explains the best method that can be adopted in developing an effective fire safety training course. Click Here to read the blog.

3. Content Design for Mobile Learning

Are you adapting your eLearning courses to the mobile device? If yes, it is important to know that mobile content should be designed in a different way than the content for desktop or laptop computers. It is not advisable to deliver “desktop content” on mobile devices. Well, here is a blog Click here that describes a few methods to design mobile learning content.

4. 3 E-learning Design Tips to Keep Your Creativity Flowing

It is common knowledge that good eLearning course designers are creative. Often, they go beyond the traditional methods of designing online courses and come out with novel ideas. Here is a blog Click here which shares 3 tips to keep your creativity flowing.

5. How Descriptive is Your ELearning Course Description? The Right and the Wrong!

This is an excellent blog Click here which talks about a few ways to write better eLearning course descriptions. You will also see some examples of good and bad ELearning Course Descriptions

Hope you find these blogs useful. Do share your views.

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