Our Top 4 Blogs that you Might Have Missed this Week

Our Top 4 Blogs that you Might Have Missed this Week

CommLab India is a hub for COMPLIMENTARY eLearning resources which acts as handy references for anyone in eLearning fraternity. To provide the latest updates on eLearning, CommLab has been rolling out a number blogs on eLearning design, development and the tools used to create effective eLearning. The highly experienced instructional designers, visual designers and technology team write numerous blogs. If you have missed our top blogs this week, then here is the list.

1. ELearning Interactivities – What does these quotes have in common?

Do you remember various learning quotations by Socrates, Winston Churchill and Goethe? Well, we have taken three of the quotations into consideration and discussed the instructional strategies and various interactivities that suits best with those quotations. Below is the link you can access for the tremendous blog on eLearning interactivities.

2. How to upload 100,000 users in LMS

Are you a technology freak? Do you wish to learn new methods and techniques? You might have found difficulties in adding the details of many users in the LMS. Do not worry! Here is the solution to your problem. We have a blog that discusses the steps to be followed to add the details of thousands of users in LMS. The blog also contains the screenshots of each step to provide better understanding of the steps.

3. 5 ways to increase the translation quality of your eLearning courses within your budget

You might have developed a few eLearning courses that need to be translated into various languages. But at the same time, you might have some concerns regarding the budget and the translation quality of your course. Well, we have a blog for you that provide insights into how you can increase the translation quality of your eLearning course within your budget.

4. Why LMS Users Face Login Problems?

This blog might interest those who take up an eLearning course in an LMS and face some login issues. The blog discusses a few login problems that the learners face, while taking the eLearning course and the appropriate solutions to those problems.

Hope these blogs are informative and helpful. Which blog would you rate more? Please share your views.

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