Top Blogs on Authoring Tools You Might have Missed in July!

Top Blogs on Authoring Tools You Might have Missed in July!

The demands to impart high quality, affordable training are ever increasing. Rapid authoring tools, by enabling speedy conversion of ILT materials into highly engaging and interactive eLearning courses, are playing key role in satisfying the need to provide effcient training at low cost.

In this blog, I will take you through 5 very useful blogs written on authoring tools. Let’s us see what they are:

Lectora Inspire, Articulate Storyline and Now Adobe Captivate 8 – Expert’s Advice

This wonderful blog provides a comprehensive comparison of 3 very popular tools rapid authoring tools – Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate 8 and Lectora Inspire 11. You will also find very useful case-studies that help you select the right course authoring software.

How to Import External Storyline Files Into The Articulate Storyline?

Are you creating an eLearning curriculum using Articulate Storyline? Have you assigned the work of developing each module to multiple developers? How can you integrate the parts of each module, developed separately by the respective developer on his system, and publish them as a single course? Find out answers to these questions in this incredible blog.

How to Embed Multiple Audio Files in Articulate Presenter 13?

As training managers, have you ever thought how simple it is to convert your existing ILT material in the form of PowerPoint presentations into an ineteractive eLearning course that can be assigned through an LMS? There is an amazing tool called Articulate Presenter 13, which can be used to convert your PowerPoint presentations into highly engaging online courses. This blog shows you how to integrate the multiple audio files in Articulate Presenter. Hope you find the information useful.

Adobe Presenter: Reporting and Tracking Settings for Your E-learning Course

Adobe Presenter is widely used to convert PowerPoint presentations into interactive eLearning courses, quickly and effectively. It also comes with excellent reporting and tracking capabilities.This blog explains how to enable the reporting and tracking feature in Adobe Presenter, for the novice learner.

Linking E-mail in Articulate Storyline

Did you ever have a requirement, which states that the learner should be able to mail the trainer directly from the eLearning course. If so, can you satisfy the requirement using Articulate Storyline? – Yes. For more details, check out this excellent blog. Hope you find these blogs useful. Please share your thoughts. Happy Reading!

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