Tips to Get Started with mLearning

Tips to Get Started with mLearning

Tips to Get Started with mLearning

Mobile Learning has become a viable learning medium in recent times. However, it is neither a panacea for all ills nor an alternative for classroom training or eLearning. In fact, mLearning can complement classroom training and eLearning very well. Here are a few recommendations to get started with mobile learning.

Choose your audience carefully: When we talk about mobile learning, typically, we are talking about learners who are tech-savvy and comfortable using the latest gadgets. You need to ensure that they possess devices that are suitable for mLearning. For example, in an organization, if there are not many employees who use such devices, there is no point in planning a mobile learning initiative.

Exercise caution while choosing the content: Content for mobile learning has to be very focused and interesting. It needs to be for a short duration. For example: a module on the correct posture for lifting weights can be short as well as interesting for learners.

Pay attention to the interactivities planned: Your interface should be easy and intuitive. There cannot be too many interactivities in mLearning because in some devices, flash-based content may not play.

Engage a specialist: If you do not have adequate resources to initiate mLearning in your organization, it is advisable that you engage a specialist who can help you avoid a lot of technical headaches.

It is a fact that there are more users of mobile phones than users of computers. Hence, mobiles can be a powerful medium of learning. Users who do not have access to computers at home could be provided supplementary material via mobiles. However, it can never be a standalone learning medium. It needs to be supplemented by learning through other formats such as through computers.

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