5 Useful Tips to Select a Right E-learning Outsourcing Vendor

5 Useful Tips to Select a Right E-learning Outsourcing Vendor

Do you know that the number of eLearning startup companies is increasing in India? Yes, There is a massive increase in eLearning development companies across the world, especially in India. Because, most of the companies are outsourcing their eLearning requirements to India (source: Bersin by Deloitte).

To support this Global Industry Analysts predicted that “Global Learning Services Outsourcing Market is expected to reach up to $6.0 billion by 2015”.

But the big question is choosing the right eLearning vendor who can do justice to the investment you make in the eLearning projects. In such a context, you will be greatly confused as to how to select a right eLearning outsourcing vendor. What are the aspects to be considered while selecting a right vendor?

Here are some tips that will enable you to select your right eLearning vendor for your eLearning development.

1. Have expertise in learning and training design:

  • Training and learning company: Make sure that your vendor-partner has a pedigree in training and learning.
  • Proven expertise in Learning Design: Make sure that your vendor-partner has a pedigree in learning, with specialization in Learning Design. Vendor should have qualified in-house instructional designers, visual designers and defined processes. This can ensure that they comprehend your requirement quickly and deliver accordingly.

2. Working experience with fortune 500 clients:

  • Fortune 500 clients: When selecting an outsourcing vendor-partner, ensure that the vendor has considerable experience working with Fortune 500 clients and is comfortable working with global audiences.
  • Global context: You need someone who has a proven track record in handling projects successfully within your cultural context.
  • Working in different time zones and languages:  Check how comfortable the vendor is working across time-zones and languages. This will help address your concerns around cultural differences and cross-cultural communication.

3. Track record:

  • Demos/Samples: Look for a provider with a proven track record of successfully executing eLearning projects. Ask for samples before making any decisions.
  • References: Check out your potential vendors’ references and ensure you select a vendor–partner whom you can trust.

4. Project management and processes

  • Streamlined Processes & Strong Project Management: Use those service providers with streamlined production processes and strong project management. Your outsourcing vendor should have a cohesive team of individuals who are proficient in the eLearning development process and project management.You need to be more than satisfied that the outsourcing partner has a robust project management methodology and process in place. This helps in avoiding unnecessary delays and rework.
  • Formal Quality Control: It is also important to make sure that the vendor has formal review and quality control processes in place.

5. Cost:

  • Competitive price: Other factors, such as skills, quality, and turn-around time being equally important, I’m sure you’d agree that cost is the bottom-line deciding factor for developing eLearning in-house or outsourcing it.

I hope these 5 tips will help you in the better selection of an eLearning partner. These steps can be handy when you’re new to eLearning and wanting to introduce it, for the first time, in your organization. It would be interesting to know what you think about this. Do share your views

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