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How to Make the LMS Platform User-friendly? [Infographic]

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How to Make the LMS Platform User-friendly? [Infographic]

A Learning Management System (LMS) is essentially used to plan and publish e-learning courses online, to be accessed by learners. Earlier, LMSs were technology-based and quite complex for end users (both administrators and learners) to navigate and manage courses or access them. Users had to rely on the technical team even for minor issues or requirements. Every problem had to be addressed by IT personnel. This was frustrating and resulted in an unenthusiastic response to the LMS as a whole by the users. Very few registered for the courses, and even those who did never completed them. Only mandatory compliance courses had 100% completion rates for obvious reasons!

However, LMSs have improved considerably over the years. They have many new features that can be used to make the platform user-friendly. This info-graphic shares tips to make your LMS platform easy to use, and thereby, increase user registrations.

How to Make the LMS Platform User-friendly? [Infographic]

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