3 Compelling Reasons to Use Templates for E-learning Courses

3 Compelling Reasons to Use Templates for E-learning Courses

3 Compelling Reasons to Use Templates for E-learning Courses

Want to create highly interactive and engaging courses? Want to reduce rework time and foster development time? Want to maintain consistency in your courses though there are multiple members in your team?

One solution to these questions is to use templates. What are templates? Templates are standard screens that give the ‘look and feel’ of a course and provide a way to organize content and graphics for each screen. If there are many modules in a project, you just have to get the templates from the library and use them to suit the learning needs. Why do we have to use templates for eLearning courses?

1. Provide consistency: There are many elements in eLearning courses, which need to be consistent– the most important being colors, visuals, and the look and feel of the course. Although there are multiple people working on the same course, templates help achieve consistency.

Provide Consistency

2. Save development time: Using templates help produce more eLearning courses in less time. Often we use the same interactions, course presentation-patterns and games several times. Hence, using templates containing these elements eliminates the need to develop them from scratch each time we make a new course.

Here are screenshots for ‘click on images’ and ‘click on tabs’.

Click on Images

Click on Tabs

3. Increase flexibility: Templates increase flexibility, that is, you don’t need to waste time thinking on how to present content and visuals every time. Templates have placeholders, and you need to use them according to your learning needs.

For example, you can standardize templates for commonly appearing screens such as welcome, benefits, and summary screens.

Here are a few screenshots.




Choosing right templates and using them help produce interactive eLearning courses in short turnaround times. These are some of the reasons why you and your team should use templates for eLearning courses. If you have any other reasons, do share your thoughts.

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