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Technology-Enabled-Learning: Need of the Hour in Today’s Workplace – Free eBook

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Technology-Enabled-Learning: Need of the Hour in Today’s Workplace - Free eBook

We are experiencing digital renaissance in all aspects of our lives including the way we obtain knowledge. Today, information is at our finger tips, thanks to the groundbreaking developments in the ICT sector. We have access to information whenever and wherever we want. These developments in technology have provided organizations with new tools to enhance employee performance at workplace. The way training is delivered has changed significantly over the years but the tools available today are simply incredible.

OHPs gave way to PPTs and now PPTs are slowly giving way to more interactive and engaging formats. Virtual classrooms, interactive whiteboards, podcasts and screencasts are some of the other tools that instructors are using at a part of teaching aids in the classroom as well as online. Right now, instructors or training managers are using these aids on an ad-hoc basis. Would it not be a good idea to bind them into a structured format, so that for any given training need, there are resources that are carefully organized and made accessible to learners based on the learning need at a given point of time?

Here is an eBook that shares information about various instructional aids that are being used in classrooms, as a part of e-learning courses or as independent just-in-time learning resources. The eBook:

  • Provides a comprehensive overview of technology-enabled learning is and explains how it is useful
  • Lists various technological tools that can be used to impart training better
  • Describes how these tools can be used effectively in various training situations
  • Explains how multiple learning aids can be integrated under a single umbrella for better workplace learning experiences

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