Technological Requirements For Developing An ELearning Course

Technological Requirements For Developing An ELearning Course

Technological Requirements For Developing An ELearning Course

There are various technological requirements for developing an eLearning course of which, choosing an authoring tool is a primary requirement and is therefore, a primary concern. Choosing a tool should ideally be based on factors like your content type, available skills set, features, devices on which it has to be deployed, the budget and timelines.

Here I would like to share some of the popular authoring tools available in the market. The list is arranged in the alphabetical order.

  • Adobe Presenter
  • Articulate Story line
  • Captivate 7
  • Course Builder
  • eXe
  • Lectora

Let’s see the unique benefits that each tool offers:

Adobe Presenter: Adobe Presenter presents your Power Point presentations more effectively by introducing more interactivity through videos. Power Point animations can be easily incorporated into the existing content. It quite seems to be a pleasant tool in capturing the screen components.

Articulate Story line: Articulate Storyline is an easy-to-use tool. The main strength of this tool is that it has a very powerful and knowledgeable support team. it can quickly convert Microsoft PPT’s into eLearning courses by adding interactivities. It also allows you to design as many states as you wish, which can make your course more interesting.

Captivate 7: Captivate 7 offers you the unique benefit of importing texts, animations, Microsoft Power Point presentations, shapes, audio etc.You can publish your courses to HTML5 format to run your courses on iPads and iPhones. It increases the ease of creating simulations. Overall a fine tool that is here to deliver.

Course Builder: Course builder can handle almost any kind of topic, right from processes to scenarios. It is highly flexible with respect to instructional design, can handle localization and translations into multiple languages (all languages) better as compared to any other tool.

eXe: This is very easy to use and gives you the unique advantage of publishing the web content without a thorough knowledge of HTML or XML. The only consideration you need to make note of is, that you need Fire-fox installed to use eXe.

Lectora: This offers you unique benefits in terms of branching and editing the existing content, incorporating the content from Power Point into audio. It can also incorporate media and graphics better when compared to any other tool.You can use Lectora for developing HTML based courses quickly and it is ideal for multilingual courses.

I hope you now have a clear picture of some of the popular authoring tools and are sufficiently acquainted with the unique features that they offer.

In my next blog, we will look into the technological requirements for delivering and hosting an eLearning course.

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