5 Ways to Make Sure Your Courses on the LMS are Least Taken

5 Ways to Make Sure Your Courses on the LMS are Least Taken

5 Ways to Make Sure Your Courses on the LMS are Least Taken

As a Director, Technology, I have been overseeing LMS support for several of our clients. This has enabled me to understand some of the typical reasons for poor course registrations. These are some sure cut ways to ensure your courses on the LMS are least taken.

Keep Outdated Content in the Course:

Sometimes, courses are not relevant to the current employees and their jobs. For example, a product training course might be talking about an older version of a product which is no longer marketed. This has no relevance to the users and therefore no importance to the employees who will not be enthusiastic about it. Courses will either have to be updated, or deleted and replaced with new ones, on an ongoing basis. Otherwise, your courses will have no takers.

Never Inform your Employees about their LMS Account:

Employees or distributors do not know whether they have LMS account. A routine system notification is ignored. Bulk notifications and needless messaging to every user irrespective of their relevance is another reason why employees may not take them seriously. Your emails have to be specific and sent out only to the relevant users, with clear information and subject line.

Assign Courses Indiscriminately Irrespective of Relevance:

Assigning unnecessary courses or receiving unnecessary LMS notifications will frustrate the employees. This is never done intentionally. The cause is that administrators are not trained properly.

Keep the Course Objectives in Suspense:

Before taking the course learners would like to know “What’s in it for me?” If the course objectives impress the learner then he/she will definitely takes the course. An ambiguous course title and an equally unclear course description do not motivate learners to take the course.

Don’t bother to Update the Course Completion Data

LMS should track data properly. However, most of the time learners complete the training but the completion data is not be updated in the LMS. As a result, learners become demotivated and lose interest. If you don’t let your LMS track the learning progress and give proper instructions about the completion criteria, you are not giving any incentive to users to complete the courses.

It is not the type of LMS that decides the success or failure of your LMS implementation. It is the efficiency of LMS administration that decides it.

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