A Cost-effective Solution to Develop E-learning Courses

A Cost-effective Solution to Develop E-learning Courses

A Cost-effective Solution to Develop E-learning Courses

Training managers come across different requirements from their teams. A particular team or department may have a vast knowledge bank which needs to be rolled as a curriculum. As a training manager, how will you approach this task? In this digital era, eLearning courses are the most viable option. But, their usage poses questions.

How to develop curriculum courses?

Which tool will provide the optimal learning solutions while maximizing the organizational ROI?

Such questions will compel you to ponder on what will be the best way to realize your training program.

A Cost-effective Solution to Develop E-learning Courses

Well, one simple solution afforded by eLearning is Articulate Storyline. This poweful, yet simple authoring tool yields timely, cost-effective results.

Why Use Articulate Storyline?

Articulate Storyline supports and provides a wide range of options which can be leveraged to develop elearning courses with a quick turnaround. We will look at a few of those features in this blog.

1. Facilitates Standardization 

Articulate Storyline is a very versatile tool in that it supports standardization.

  • The GUI, once finalized, can be used for the entire curriculum.
  • Common screens, layouts, icons and the like can also be standardized which drastically cuts down the development time.
  • Identifying common presentation patterns for similar types of learning points will also reduce the development efforts.

This whole approach lends a very systematic look and feel which is a huge plus for curriculum courses.

Facilitates Standardization

2. In-built Templates

Articulate Storyline has several in-built options such as:

  • Character packs
  • Object states
  • Scenario templates

Articulate Storyline has several characters, in a variety of poses, which can be used to develop scenarios or used individually according to the requirements.


Another interesting feature of Storyline is ‘Object states’. It provides a set of characters, and each character has several expressions or ‘states’. These states can be used creatively in several ways. For example:

  • To denote the outcome of a decision taken by the learner
  • To denote a feedback to a question
  • To denote the alternative selected by the learner

Object states

Storyline also provides in-built templates such as 2 people having a conversation, which can be used to develop scenarios. Questions can also be as be posed at the end of the scenario.


All these features of Articulate Storyline can be leveraged to develop highly engaging, interactive eLearning courses with minimum customization. They can be used to develop courses covering a wide range of subjects such product trainings, compliance trainings, and new employee orientations.

Using these features, development effort is reduced, resource utilization is optimized, turnaround time is decreased, and investments yield good ROI.

Apart from these special features, Stroyline also supports all the regular features which can be used to develop good interactivities, GUIs and thereby good courses.

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