Working with Story View in Articulate Storyline

Working with Story View in Articulate Storyline

Working with Story View in Articulate Storyline

Story View in Articulate Storyline can be used to save the time when you need to make similar slide-level design changes to all the slides in a storyline project.

In story view we can know the number of scenes present in a project. It is easy to understand the connection between one scene and another scene through the arrows that are present in the story view. Hence, it is easy to change the action by clicking on the arrow if any changes take place. So it takes minimum time to change the scenes and slide properties in the story view of Storyline.

Here are the examples for design changes that you can modify from Articulate Storyline’s Story View:

1. Slide layout:

The Slide layout isone that gives us the option of changing the slides design or layout, which consists of different types of layouts to select. This option can be selected for single or multiple slides. These different layouts can be manually inserted in to the Master slide.

The process of changing the Slide layout is very simple. Click the Layout option on the Home tab and choose from the slide layouts available. Or you can also right-click any selected slide(s) and choose Layout to assign a different master layout.

Slide layout 2. Slide background: We can change the slide backgrounds from Story View by right clicking the slide and choosing Format Background. The Fill color appears and you can change the background of the slide. Slide background Slide background. 3. Reset Slide Layout:

We can also Reset Slide if we have modified some of the layouts and want master layout original properties. Just right-click the slide and choose Reset Slide.

Reset Slide Layout 4. Slide properties:

We can even use the Slide Properties panel from Story View to easily change the slide properties of multiple slides. It is a type of customization of the slide properties such as adding or removing notes, glossary, seek bar, menu and resources. The slide advancement settings can be done using Slide properties.

Slide properties 5. Design themes:

Working with design themes from Story View can be helpful when we have projects with multiple slide masters. It is the default theme that is present in the Storyline. These design themes are mainly used to change the background, fonts and colors. In the design tab you can also change the story size of the slides.

Design themes 6. Apply slide transitions: The Slide transitions are used for animations in a slide. There are different types of transitions we can apply to the slides. There are three types of animation transitions in Articulate Storyline. They are Fades & desolves, wipes and              Push &cover transitions. Apply slide transitions

Do you know of other features that we can use in story view to save eLearning development time? Please do share!

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