5 Easy Steps to Create a Stop Watch in Articulate Storyline

5 Easy Steps to Create a Stop Watch in Articulate Storyline

5 Easy Steps to Create a Stop Watch in Articulate Storyline

In my last post, I have explained Navigation in Articulate Storyline by learner specified time limit. In this post, I would like to share how to create the stop watch functionality in Articulate Storyline.

So, what is a stop watch and why do we need this in eLearning?

A stop watch is a device to measure the quantum of time elapsed from the time of its activation to the time of its deactivation. Stop watches are very useful to measure and track the time spent by the learner on a digital course accurately.

So let’s see the 5 simple steps involved in creating a stop watch in Articualte Storyline.

Step 1 : Create a variable to control time. I have named the variable ‘time’. This is used to count the current time value in seconds and display it on the screen.

Creating time variable

Step 2 : Design an Interface with three buttons, named Start, Stop and Reset, with preferred colors and shape. The Start button starts counting the time value, whereas the Stop button stops the time value at current time value. As the name suggests, the Reset button resets the value of time to zero.


Step 3 : Create three layers to control the counter. I have given the names as Layer1, Layer2 and Layer3. The first two layers iterate within themselves alternatively to increase the counter value and set the timeline such that both the layers should end at 0.25 seconds.

The third layer is an empty one and requires no triggers or timeline settings.

Layers Timeline

Step 4: Add the following triggers in both the layers to add a value of 0.25 to variable time for each quarter of a second.

 Layer 1 Triggers:

Layer1 triggers

Layer 2 Triggers:

Layer2 triggers


Step 5 : Add the three triggers below, on the base layer such that

  1. Clicking on Start button shows Layer1
  2. Clicking on Stop button shows Layer3
  3. Clicking Reset button sets the value of variable time to zero

Base layer triggers

It’s done. Now you can check your output for a Stop Watch. Make your own background design to gain the learner’s attention. In the same way, we can create the alarm functionality. Do share your views.

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