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5 Easy Steps to Have Better Control on E-learning Animations in Articulate Storyline

5 Easy Steps to Have Better Control on E-learning Animations  in Articulate Storyline

Animations add to the look and feel of an e-learning course. Animations help to retain objects on the screen for a while and then let them fade out when they have to be replaced with other objects.

In Articulate Storyline, we adjust the Animation timings on the timeline. To do this, we often drag the objects on the timeline to adjust their timing for the Animation. In some cases, the objects are not animated correctly to synch with its audio. In order to overcome these kinds of issues and bring about the exact animations, a feature that is very useful is “Timing.”

The Timing option is used instead of dragging the objects on the timeline. Here we can manually set the timing for the object Animation. It has the Start Time as well as Duration.

Note: In order to set the Start Time and Duration for an object, that object should not be enabled with the Show Always and Show Until End properties.

In the screen shown below, the highlighted area indicates the object on the timeline.

Object on Timeline

Step 1: Right click the object on the timeline from the above screen. You will see the Timing option indicated below.


Step 2: Click the Timing option; you will see the Timing window. You can edit the timings here.

Timing Window

In the above screen, you can see the default properties and timings of an object.

Here, when the property, Show until end of slide is checked, you can only edit the Start Time; if the property, Always show on slide is checked, you cannot edit Start Time and Duration.

Check always show on timeline option

Step 3: Uncheck the two properties, that is, Show until end of slide and Always show on slide. Here you can edit the Start Time and Duration.

Editable starting time and duration

Step 4: Then edit the Start Time of an object on the timeline.

Starting time at 2 sec

You can observe that the object on the timeline starts at the 2nd sec exactly.

Step 5: Edit the duration time for an object on the timeline.

Duration of object

Here, you can observe that the duration time for the object is 4 sec exactly.

Hope this feature is useful when you have more animations in a slide. Please do share your thoughts.

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