How Standard LMS Reports Can Help Improve Your Training Initiatives?

How Standard LMS Reports Can Help Improve Your Training Initiatives?

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Learning Management System helps not just in delivering training, but can be used to increase learning effectiveness. LMS can generate various reports that help measure training effectiveness. It is important that organizations use these reports to evaluate whether the training programs are meeting their expectations and to improve the courses in future.

LMS reports or data provide a quick review of the courses taken by participants. Let’s see how each of the reports helps us get feedback about the courses in particular and training in general.

Group Users/ Audience Report:

  • This report provides training managers all the details about the total number of users on the LMS, their individual details and so on.
  • Thanks to filter functionality, customized lists can be generated and used for training need analysis or for arranging classroom trainings.
  • The report can be exported to excel and saved for user analysis.

user report filter

Fig (1) User Report Filter.

User wise Course Status Report:

  • This report gives complete information about courses as related to users. Using ‘filters’ option, we can customize the report and analyze the course or users’ training status.
  • The current status (i.e. Registered/In Progress/Completed) and score for a course or a user can be seen through the report. This will help managers analyze and monitor each user’s training and user status.
  • This report also notes details of the person who assigned the course to a particular user. This will help administrator to contact the person, in case of any issues such as the user getting registered by mistake.

user wise course status report

Fig (2) User wise Course Status Report.

Evaluation/ Feedback Report:

  • Evaluation or feedback report gives graphical representation of all user feedback for any course. It will be useful for training managers as they can analyze each feedback and take appropriate action to improve training in future.
  • Ideally, these reports should be mandatory as they provide valuable inputs when developing new trainings, make LMS user-friendly and easy to use.
  • The evaluation questions should have specific and simple questions so that users do not perceive it as a time consuming task. Then they will be enthusiastic in responding.
  • This report provides consolidated feedback and individual feedback that helps analyze training in a comprehensive manner.
  • Just like other reports, this report also can be exported as a document and saved for future analysis.

evaluation or feedback report

Fig (3) Evaluation/ Feedback Report.

Course Registration/ Enrollment/ Completion Report:

  • This report helps get status of various types of training – information about how many users registered for a particular training and how many got waived or cancelled the registration. It also provides details of courses in figures to analyze the current status of course.
  • These statistics help training managers to assess the ROI for a particular training. It will help them gauge learners’ response to each individual course.

course registration or enrollment or completion report

Fig (4) Course Registration/ Enrollment/ Completion Report.

Quiz Report:

  • Every instructor or trainer has to conduct a quiz at the end of the training as it is used to assess learner performance after the training.
  • This report gives detailed results on the quiz taken by participants. It gives the following details:
    • How many attempted the quiz.
    • Number of times each learner attempted the quiz.
    • Quiz start and end time along with the total duration spent for completion.
    • Correct/incorrect indications with question weightage.
    • Average scoring of all learners as well as question wise scores.
  • One can get a detailed history about any user attempt for any given question. You can learn the option selected by the user, the correct response, and the score obtained for that question.
  • A graphical representation of the overall scores of all learners can be obtained which can be exported to excel and saved for sharing or further analysis.

quiz report

Fig (5) Quiz Report.

Most of these reports are standard no matter which LMS you use. They are valuable in terms of giving information about training and for evaluating the extent to which users have learnt and benefited from the training. Organizations can modify and plan their future training better by using these reports in an efficient manner.

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