6 Smart and Trendy Ways to Spend Your Leftover E-learning Budget

6 Smart and Trendy Ways to Spend Your Leftover  E-learning  Budget

6 Smart and Trendy Ways to Spend Your Leftover  E-learning  Budget

Most of the times, training and learning design professionals do not have sufficient budget or resources to carry out ideas and campaigns. However, there are times when you are blessed with more than enough and actually find yourself with a substantial amount of money left at the end of the quarter or a fiscal year.

You can make ample use of the money left in hand to reinvest in eLearning. In this post, I will reveal 6 ways you can spend your leftover eLearning budget in a smart and trendy way.

LMS Updating:

A good LMS is vital for any organization that makes use of eLearning. Your current LMS may be doing well and is quite popular with your users, but a little bit of tweaking and revamping won’t do you any harm. You can either change the design or color pattern of your LMS to make it a visual treat for your learners, when they log in. Or, you can go a step ahead and make changes in its interface to make it more user-friendly. Having a responsive LMS which is accessible even on mobile devices would definitely help in garnering more learners for your eLearning courses.

LMS Updating

E-learning Promotion:

E learning has been around for decades and yet there isn’t much awareness about it as one would expect. Spending some amount from your leftover budget to promote eLearning can be a good idea. There are several ways you can promote eLearning in a cost-effective manner.  For instance, you can use social media platforms such as LinkedIn. Another innovative way is to give a “registration goody bag” to your learner, when he registers for the course.

E-learning PromotionUpgrade Authoring Tools:

There is a saying that an early bird catches the worm. Though you may not need to upgrade your authoring tools immediately, postponing it to the last minute is foolishness. Upgrading authoring tools in the long run will seem wise because when the need comes, you will already be ahead in the race saving time and resources. You also benefit by getting some great deals and discounts on software licenses.

Authoring tools add new features to cater to the needs of Gen-Y. For instance, Storyline has come with HTML5 support and Adobe Captivate has a new responsive learning output for greater reach.

Upgrade Authoring Tools

 Develop an App:

 Speaking of trends, in today’s world, there is nothing trendier than an app. There are apps for almost everything today, so why not create an App for eLearning! If you can come up with something, which is fun and informational and that gives you an edge over your competitors, then an app can help in providing creative technological solutions to help and attract prospective customers.

Develop an App

 Convert Webinars into eLearning:

 Designing webinars is quite similar to creating an eLearning course. The pattern is one and the same. You have objectives and then you set your content based on the objectives to achieve an outcome. Hence, converting webinars into eLearning courses can serve as demos to show your capabilities both in webinars and eLearning. It isn’t as hard as it seems. With tools such as iSpring, you can easily convert webinars into HTML5.

Convert Webinars into eLearning

 Interactive eBooks:

 Gone are the days when getting information from books and papers was the order of the day. Today, everything is about the “e” – tablets, laptops and mobiles are the main source to gather information about anything and everything. Making use of this development, convert your white papers into interactive eBooks which can include collaborative approaches such as using videos and animations to increase viewership and registrations.

Interactive eBooks

 Spending your leftover budget to enhance your current state of being, in the long run, will help you stay ahead of your competitors. If you find our tips to be useful, then subscribe by e-mail for more interesting updates.

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