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Social Media and Its Impact on Learning Strategy

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Social Media and Its Impact on Learning Strategy

In our earlier posts we have seen the benefits of social media and the ways of transforming learning in the workplace through social media. Now here I’m going to spread spark on how to use social media as part of our learning strategy.

Firstly, we can integrate social media into our courses to provide ‘web trips’. This can be done for both Instructor led trainings and for online courses – Introduce links to Social Media at relevant points.

We can also make use of the collaborative aspects of social media as part of our learning strategy by having people recording and sharing what they are finding out.

Specifically for eLearning:

  • Use the collaborate aspects of the LMS to start discussions around courses and let them extend beyond the Learning Management System into social media to have an ongoing conversation at multiple places.
  • Encourage note taking and sharing within courses and post these in focus groups of your learners.

For eLearning and ILT training:

  • Create a learning environment where mentors can interact and share knowledge with learners
  • Tweets from learners attending training sessions can be consolidated and shared with other users who can add to it.

Thus, by implementing these strategies we can have a greater impact of social media on workplace learning to get better outcomes.

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