Social Learning – No More Isolation of Learning

Social Learning – No More Isolation of Learning

Social Learning - No More Isolation of Learning

“Man is a social animal” – Aristotle.

The purpose of training is to address different learning styles and to facilitate knowledge transfer at the workplace. So, trainers need to understand how adults learn and make learning possible. Adults like to learn in different ways and one of those ways is through interacting with people. In fact, adult learning theory addresses the importance of social interactions and learning.

Traditional social learning has to do with the physical presence of the trainer and the learners where feedback is constant and always acknowledged. However, in eLearning the biggest challenge is the isolation of learning that learners face. Learners have long desired for social and collaboration elements in eLearning, which are absent and hence conceived as a drawback for online learning. There are plenty of ways you can add people to people interactions into your eLearning courses. One way of applying social learning into eLearning is through Twitter chats. So how do you bring these social learning widgets into the eLearning course?

The good news is that social learning in eLearning can be brought to life with authoring tools that comprise the latest advances in networking backed by an effect and organized learning management system.

Adobe Captivate 7 for Social Learning

Authoring tools such as captivate 7 allow for innovative use of the social media with eLearning via twitter widget, which enables learners to interact with the author himself. This will bring about a new brand of social learning that exists today. With this widget, learners can now collect the knowledge and initiate discussions with their peers by asking a question. With twitter widget in the latest version of the captivate series has made the author more accessible to the learner as a tweet can be sent regarding the course and each of these tweets and their reply can be effortlessly found using the learning analytics dashboard in Captivate 7.

Social Learning Through LMS

Learning management systems can now facilitate collaborative learning with features of web 2.0. They can integrate features like blogs, discussion forums, social media, chat forums, delivery of messages. They help monitor learner groups and evaluate their progress.

Social Learning Through LMS

The bottom line for training managers is that technology is undergoing a lot of innovations, giving advance features to eLearning tools. The essence of social Learning can now be fulfilled in eLearning with these tools. E-learning is no more insipid but sapid.

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