Usage of Smartphones in the Context of Training

Usage of Smartphones in the Context of Training

Usage of Smartphones in the Context of Training

Technological advancements in the mobile devices market have changed the way we access information. From being a simple device through which we make or receive phone calls, mobile devices have transformed into a medium of information exchange. Smartphones are now being increasingly used to impart training or learning.

There are two ways we can use smartphones for learning: they can be used for delivering straight forward learning modules or could be used for performance support. This form of virtual learning is suitable for byte-sized learning anywhere and anytime. This ‘just-in-time learning’ helps learners access and apply information instantly instead of waiting to apply their knowledge at a later time. mLearning can also be used as an aid in conducting various online surveys with ease.

Smartphones can also be used for micro learning as an instant review of what has already been learnt through eLearning or even through classroom training. Employees can also be assessed using mobile devices. Employees have the freedom to take the assessment anywhere, anytime. This assessment can include quiz, evaluations, and certificates that can be sent after the assessments. Test scores are displayed instantly, providing an opportunity to the users to bridge their learning gap. Thus, continuous learning and improvement can take place in the workplace, by which both the organization and employees can benefit.

Another important way of using mLearning is to give access to an EPSS, for performance support as it is very economical, convenient and very flexible. It can be used to deliver job aids in the form of infographics or information on procedures that need to be followed on the job. Say, a checklist for employees to ensure that all the steps in a process have been completed. Take the example of a procedure containing 14 steps to processing a loan application. It’s not important to know the steps by heart, but having a ready reckoner or reference in the form of a quick checklist can help loan agents stay on track when guiding customers to procure a loan.

To summarize, mLearning can be used for both learning and performance support. Its just-in-time learning or byte-sized content makes it an attractive medium for organizations to use for imparting training on specific issues to its employees. It is also an effective medium to provide a constant, continuous diet of small learning capsules on a daily basis which could serve as a reminder on important aspects related to the job, product or procedures.

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