How to Develop a Single Select Quiz in Power Point Using Macro Settings

How to Develop a Single Select Quiz in Power Point Using Macro Settings

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Do you know that it’s easy to develop a single select quiz in PowerPoint using macro settings? Using PowerPoint you can develop interactive presentations with quizzes that help to assess learners. Here is a tutorial with 10 steps which will teach you to develop quizzes in PowerPoint using Macro settings.

Step 1:

Open the blank presentation and enter the title and subtitle of your choice. Go to File button and select the options tab.

Step 1

Step 2:

After clicking on the Options tab you will see many general options appearing on the screen. Select Trust Center from the given options and then Click Trust Center Settings on the right.

Step 2

Step 3:

Click Macro Settings on the left dialog and choose Disable all macros with notification. Click the “OK” button twice to close the dialog boxes.

Step 3

Step 4:

Please press Alt + F11 to start the VBA (Visual Basic for Application) Editor. Using Visual Basic for Applications available in the Power Point, you can create quizzes with simple code.

Step 4

Step 5:

To provide customized feedback for wrong and right answers Click Insert Module. You will notice that a Macro Settings window will open. Here give the code in Macro Settings for giving feedback to wrong & right answers.

Step 5

Here is sample code which I gave for the feedback to be given for Right and Wrong answers.

A. Wrong Answer:

  • Sub Wrong ()
  • MsgBox (“Sorry, that’s not right. Please try again.”)
  • End Sub

B. Right Answer:

  • Sub Right ()
  • MsgBox (“That’s right! You are so smart!”)
  • Slideshow Windows (1).View. Next
  • End Sub

  • Insert the code “Slideshow Windows” (1).View. Next” for the participant to navigate to next slide or next question automatically when he selects the correct answer
  • Press Alt+F11 to return to PowerPoint Presentation from VBA

Step 6:

Create a question and options in a slide.

Step 7:

From the Insert menu click Shapes tab. Here, you will find Action Buttons. Select any of the shapes from the action Buttons (like arrows) and drag the shape on to the option given for the question in the slide.

Step 7

Step 8:

Select the Mouse Click tab, and check the “Run macro” button. You will see two options listed down “Right” and “Wrong”. Select any option you wish from the drop-down and then click OK.

Step 8

Step 9:

Repeat the same procedure for remaining options left in the question and you can create additional question slides by repeating these steps.

Step 10:

Save the presentation in Macro-Enabled format (.pptm) and Press F5 to preview the quiz presentation.

Here is the video which will show you how to create the single select Quizzes using Macro settings. Click the play button to watch the complete video.

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial. In my next blog I will discuss the topic “How to Develop a Switchable Interface in Lectora“.

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