Time-saving Shortcut Keys of Various Rapid E-learning Development Tools

Time-saving Shortcut Keys of Various Rapid E-learning Development Tools

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Shortcut keys are very useful while developing courses; they save your time and work can be done faster. In this blog, I will list out some important shortcut keys of various rapid eLearning development tools that can be used to save your time.

Articulate Storyline shortcut keys:

Articulate Storyline helps to you to convert PowerPoint presentations into interactive courses.

Articulate Storyline is a tool that can make your eLearning interactive and HTML5 compatible in a short duration.

Shortcut Key Operation
Alt+DTo Play or Pause the video while recording
Ctrl+GTo group multiple objects, for example, images, text (we can’t group audio files)
Ctrl+JTo insert picture on the slide
Ctrl+KTo open the trigger wizard window to assign a trigger when an object is selected
Ctrl+F12To preview the current slide
Shift+F12To preview the current scene
Ctrl+Shift+GTo ungroup the selected group
EscTo save the recorded video
F10To publish the course
F12To preview the entire project

Adobe Flash shortcut keys:
Adobe Flash is a powerful tool used to create highly interactive and engaging courses. It supports scripting languages and thus we can customize the interactivities.

Shortcut KeyOperation
F2To view the output
Ctrl+Alt+TTo hide the timeline
Ctrl+F2To hide the tools panel
Ctrl+F3To open the properties panel
Ctrl+F7To open the components panel
Ctrl+KTo align
Shift+F2To add the scene
Ctrl+TTo transform
Alt+Shift+F9To add color

Lectora Inspire shortcut keys:
Lectora is a user-friendly authoring tool used to develop courses with heavy content and highly engaging courses.

Shortcut Key Operation
Ctrl+1To create a chapter
Ctrl+2To create a section
Ctrl+3To create a page
Ctrl+Shift+5To import an image
Ctrl+Alt+1To import a video
F8To publish to HTML
Ctrl+F6To publish to AICC
Ctrl+F8To publish to SCORM
Alt+0To import audio

Adobe Captivate shortcut keys:
Now Adobe Captivate 8 comes with a great feature called “Responsive Design”. This means that if you view the course in Desktop or any device (Mobile phones and iPad), the interface will get dynamically adjusted automatically.

Shortcut Key Operation
F6To import audio
Shift+F9To open the action panel
Ctrl+Alt+TTo view the timeline
Ctrl+Shift+DTo open the properties panel
Ctrl+Shift+CTo add text caption
Shift+F11To open the skin editor
Shift+F12To publish the file
Ctrl+Alt+MTo view the master slide
Ctrl+Alt+LTo open the library
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+ETo add effects

ISpring presenter shortcut keys:
ISpring is a user-friendly tool that allows you to convert PowerPoint to HTML5. It is an add-on in PowerPoint. You can convert and play PowerPoint presentations in mobile devices and iPad using iSpring pro.

Shortcut KeyOperation
Shift+EnterTo return to the previous animation step
Page UpTo go back to the previous slide
Page downTo move to the next slide
HomeTo restart the current slide
BackspaceTo return to the last-viewed slide
Ctrl+HomeTo move to the first slide
Ctrl+EndTo move to the last slide

Articulate Studio shortcut keys:
Articulate Studio 13 is integrated with Engage, Presenter and Quiz maker. It has a unified player, that is, you can navigate from Presenter to Quiz maker to engage. You can directly use the characters (those you find in storyline) which is inbuilt in the studio.

Shortcut KeyOperation
F7To run spell check
Ctrl+STo save interaction
F10To publish interaction
F12To preview entire interaction
Alt+EnterTo open interaction properties
Ctrl+NTo create a new interaction

There are many other shortcut keys that we have in rapid eLearning development tools. But these are the ones that we have mostly used. I hope you found this blog informative. Do share your views.

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