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Options to Share Additional Training Material through an LMS

Options to Share Additional Training Material through an LMS

Learning Management Systems (LMSs) help us in managing eLearning, classroom or virtual trainings easily. Apart from the structured training curriculum, you can provide your learners with additional learning resources to refresh their learning or give in-depth information. In most cases, the additional material provided is optional.

This optional training material can be shared using various methods.

Option1: It can be included in the training curriculum and made optional, so that a course can be marked as complete even if the learners didn’t read it.

Option2: Create a separate training program and make it optional, so that the learner can take it anytime to enhance his knowledge on the subject. Once the program is viewed or completed, it will be moved to the training transcript.

In both these cases, the material is integrated with training content and requires the users to enroll into the course to access it. The learner has an option to read it or ignore it. Once the training program is completed, it will be moved to the training transcript. If he wants to see any resource, then he needs to go to the training transcript and search for the training from the list of completed courses. As it is optional, most learners ignore it and may forget it as they cannot see it in the list of current trainings.

Option 3: We introduced one more option called “Resources”. We have developed and integrated this feature into our customized version of Moodle LMS where instructors /administrators can upload all additional training materials. These resources are directly available to all authorized LMS users, and it does not require any enrollments. It accepts all kinds of file formats such as PPT, PDF, Audio, Videos, and Zip etc.

Learners can perform the following activities in the resources module.

  1. Search for a particular resource using keywords
  2. View it online
  3. Download it for viewing it offline
  4. Add it to “My Resources”, so that the learner can see all the selected resources at one place
  5. Remove it from “My resources”, if it is not required
  6. Share it with other colleagues who have an account in the LMS

As compared to other options, this is more user-friendly and allows the user to view his favorite resources whenever required. There is no need to search for the required feature in the completed courses section. It’s a common repository for all resources which can be stored in various categories.

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