How To Select The Right Rapid Authoring Tool? – Free eBook

How To Select The Right Rapid Authoring Tool?

The choice of the right rapid authoring tool goes a long way in the success of your eLearning course. But, how can you select the tool that is most appropriate to your needs? You need to analyze the tools comprehensively to zero-in on the right online course development software.

This eBook, a product of 14 years of experience in eLearning development, provides a thorough and objective analysis of 5 widely used rapid authoring tools – Articulate Storyline, Articulate Studio 13, Adobe Captivate 8, Lectora Inspire 11 and iSpring Presenter 7. We have evaluated these tools on the basis of 14 features. They are:

  1.  Cost
  2. Audio capabilities
  3. Assessment Features
  4. Branching and Navigation Features
  5. Graphics and Animation Creation
  6. Support for Videos
  7. Format Templates, Themes, Skins and Text Features
  8. Games, Scenarios and Simulations
  9. Support and User Community
  10. Scripts and Variables Features
  11. Progress Tracking Features
  12. User Accessibility Features
  13. Integration with Social Media
  14. Publishing Options

This eBook also provides a comprehensive analysis of Adobe Presenter 9, Adobe Premiere and FlipBook Maker. These tools have been evaluated on the basis of these 9 parameters.

  1. Inter activities’ Addition
  2. Video Insertion
  3. User-Friendly Interface
  4. Branching Capabilities
  5. Audio Narration Addition
  6. Quiz Questions’ Addition
  7. Learning Standards Compatibility
  8. Section 508 compatibility
  9. Multilingual Capabilities

We hope that this eBook will assist you to choose the right rapid authoring tool that adds value to your training programs, by helping you create highly effective courses.

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