Selecting the Right LMS – 8 Questions to Ask Yourself – An Infographic

Choosing the right LMS that is good for your organization, can be an intimidating task. When you have to choose from open sources or proprietary systems, the choice can be tough. Based on the organizational needs, we must choose the LMS.

First, based on the organization, we need to know whether we need to integrate the Talent Management System along with the training process. We should also find out whether the SAP needs to be integrated too into the LMS.

In addition, we need to know what the organization’s vision and strategy is about training its employees.

Extensive use of social media in the learning has become the new craze these days. While deciding on which LMS to choose, we need to keep in mind whether the training in the organization is centralized or decentralized. The learning happens in various forms. Be it classroom training or instructor-led training or web-based training. It is necessary for us to know what the need of the hour is for the organization.

Now, how do we select the right LMS?

The info graphic below talks about the questions one must ask themselves before choosing the LMS.

Selecting the Right LMS - 8 Questions to Ask Yourself - An Infographic

One must also know whether the training must be developed in multiple languages to cater to the various locations of the organization. Lastly, we must find out whether this LMS is going to be used by resellers and distributors.

With all these suggestions, there is no stopping you from choosing the right LMS!

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