Create Captivating Screencasts Using Articulate Replay

Create Captivating Screencasts Using Articulate Replay

The wikipedia defines “screencast” as a digital recording of a computer screen output, also known as a video screen capture, often containing audio narration. It is a term that is closely related to ‘screenshot’. However, unlike a screenshot which is an image of a computer screen, a screencast is a video recording of the actions performed on the computer screen over a period of time.

Benefits with screencasts

In general, screencasting is a process of recording an instructor’s or presenter’s computer screen; whatever is visible like mouse clicks, screen changes along with audio narrations get recorded. It is an effective way of instructing elements through demonstrations, digital storytelling, e-courses, PowerPoint presentations and video tutorials. It can enable the instructor to record any instructional action performed in their computers.

How screencasts enhance rapid eLearning courses

Screencasts can be used in all rapid eLearning courses like product and software training courses. It is the most preferred tool to demonstrate details about a product; they are also used for demonstrating how a software works with simulations and audio narrations. Screencasts can be added to Demo Videos for demonstrating the benefits of a new product or software; they help in developing effective and engaging courses and promoting quick learning.

Articulate Replay is a free tool from Articulate to the Storyline license holders to create screencasts with some additional features to Add Brand touch to the screencasts. Let us look into the tool that can create screencasts easily.

Articulate Replay

Using Articulate Replay engaging training videos can be created by embedding screencasts. These kind of training videos can enable the viewer to learn more efficiently and effectively. Over the past few decades eLearning developers and some of the companies have been using screencasts in demo or tutorial videos. The process of screencasting has now become so simple with Articulate Replay.

Menu bar

    1. Combine screencasts and webcam recordings:

By using Articulate Replay, we can record screen activities along with webcam recordings or we can record separately them and then combine them into one video at a later stage. This is called Screencasts with Personality.

Below is the screenshot of screen recording.

Screen recording

Screen Recording

Webcam recording

Webcam Recording

    1. Video files, audio clips and images:

Articulate Replay supports any video file format and we can import as many video clips we want. The files that we have recorded and the files that we have imported will both be displayed in two tracks. These two tracks can be synchronized by clicking and dragging.


Track A and B

    1. Lower thirds.

“Lower thirds” is the name of a special, attractive feature in Articulate Replay. Lower thirds are the text displayed below the screen like subtitles in movies. They are used to highlight important information or used to introduce the speaker or instructor who is acting as an instructor in that video. We can also use company logos or any images in that lower thirds.

Lower thirds track

Lower Third Track Adjustment

Here you see the Lower Third with CommLab India Logo

Lower thirds

  1. Publish:

Articulate replay will publish your videos into MP4 formats; so it is easy to embed them into any eLearning or training courses.

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