Fine-tuning Screen Simulations in Articulate Storyline

Fine-tuning Screen Simulations in Articulate Storyline

One of our clients approached us to develop simulations, to train his staff members on PowerPoint. We chose Articulate Storyline to develop the screen simulations of the application from Microsoft. We started recording based on the client requirements, and once the recording was completed, we used the ESC button to convert the recorded simulation into a story file.

Fine-tuning Screen Simulations in Articulate Storyline

We have two options with this window i.e. video on a single slide and step-by-step slides. In this scenario, we selected the step-by-step option, and inside the check box selected the view mode steps, and then clicked the Insert button. Once inserted, our simulation can be watched. I started to watch the simulation and found some issues like overlaps and mouse clicks on wrong places.

video on a single slide

I followed the steps given by the client. But, the recorded simulation video had some errors. Is there a way to rectify them, or do we need to re-record the video all over again? I was clueless.

After searching for a long time, I saw one option below the screen timeline with in that one object is “Screen Recording Action”, I thought it may be helpful to me.

Screen Recording Action

So, right click on Screen Recording Action, and you can see the some options at the bottom. Have a useful name i.e. “Action Fine Tuning”.

Action Fine Tuning

Once you select the ActionFineTuning option, open the new window as same a video editing tool we can edit our simulation video with frame by frame, there are two frame options:

1. Update start frame: If we edit the previous is called start frame.

2. Update end frame: If we edit the next frame, is called end frame.

Then, we can adjust the frame overlaps and mouse clicks in wrong places, and after tuning frames, select one of those options and then click OK.


Then, you can see the output that is perfectly in accordance with client requirements.

There is no need to record our simulations or video again.

I hope you find this this blog useful. Do share your views.

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