Safety Training through mLearning Can Save You Dollars!

Safety Training through mLearning Can Save You Dollars!

Safety Training through mLearning Can Save You Dollars!

According to Liberty Mutual Workplace the top ten causes of most disabling workplace injuries are as follows:

  • Over exertion
  • Fall on the same level
  • Fall to lower level
  • Bodily reaction
  • Highway incidents
  • Caught in/compressed by
  • Struck against object
  • Repetitive motion
  • Assault or violent act

Due to such injuries, organizations are spending thousands of dollars as compensation to victims. Occupation Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) says that by implementing effective health and safety systems, organizations can significantly reduce such workplace injuries and the costs associated with them.

Top ten causes


Effective Training on Safety

Training programs should not be designed merely to fulfill some mandatory requirements for local government authorities, or applicable laws of the state. They need to be planned according to the needs of the organization, keeping in mind the occupational health and safety of its employees.

An effective safety training program will ensure that there are fewer injuries, no damage to property or equipment, fewer legal liabilities, reduced instances of illnesses among the employees, fewer compensation claims and so on. Hence, organizations should put in place a training program that each and every employee should undergo, as soon as he/she joins an organization.

Moreover, the training on safety measures should be reinforced regularly, so that they can be cautious. For such type of reinforcement of training, eLearning or mobile learning would be ideal.

One key benefit of mLearning is the ability to access knowledge. We have developed a mobile learning module, specifically aimed at reducing workplace injuries through improper lifting of weights. When the shop floor assistant has access to this short module on Safe Lifting Practices, he can quickly open the video and take note of the precautions, before actually lifting heavy equipment. With the video being under 5 minutes, it is not difficult for learners to take some time out of their schedule to gain knowledge quickly and also to refresh their memories with updated information. An individual is more likely to have his phone, than say a safety manual, around him and it is this aspect that certainly makes mobile learning more practical. People are more likely to make use of these resources, particularly when it comes to their own safety.

Teaching safe lifting methods

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