The Pivotal Role of the Administrator in Using the LMS Effectively

The Pivotal Role of the Administrator in Using the LMS Effectively

Moodle is a very powerful LMS, used by several organizations to manage their training programs. This incredible software is ranked as the #1 LMS product by the E-learning Guild, in terms of market share. A majority of learning management needs can be met in a cost-effective manner, using this open-source software.

Administrators play a key role in using Moodle effectively. Once the LMS is configured according to the needs of the organization, he will be responsible for all tasks pertaining to the LMS. The administrator has to manage existing course and users, as per the requirement and add new courses or course categories. Adding a course to the LMS is not as easy as it seems. He needs to configure all necessary settings such as restricting access to certain users, ensuring access only after the specified conditions are met, making courses available only after the receipt of payment (if the organization sells the course) and so on. The administrator has to test the course in all browsers and ensure that all functionalities are working fine. He also needs to check the access restrictions (if applicable).

Here are some of the duties of an administrator

  • Add or remove user
  • Create a course
  • Give limited access to managers and learners
  • Change default settings of an LMS
  • Alter default roles of a particular user
  • Add extra user-profile fields
  • Hide existing courses from learner
  • Create course reports
  • Create the “number of attempts” report
  • Download the user list
  • Download grade reports for individual courses
  • Change passwords for all users

Apart from this, the administrator may need to customize an LMS which is not programmable. He can perform tasks such as language customization, change of theme and addition and deletion of blocks on the Home page. He also needs to assign roles to user and add/create a new role with defined permissions. The administrator can also upload thousands of users at a time. I am responsible for the maintenance the LMSs of a few organizations. As an admin, I have to assign different roles and responsibilities to managers, trainers, learners and other users based on the organizations’ requirements. Apart from assigning roles and responsibilities, I also need to design the look and feel of the LMs, based on the learning requirements which vary from firm to firm.

The work of an administrator work appears very simple, but in fact it is very challenging. He has to be very careful because even a simple mistake can affect all users. As the number of users increases, the job of the administrator becomes more complex.

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