How Do You Choose the Right Authoring Tool for Creating M-learning?

How Do You Choose the Right Authoring Tool for Creating M-learning?

Do you know more than 70% of the organizations are implementing mLearning to deliver a wonderful learning experience to the learners? Which authoring tool do you think is useful for meeting the demands of mLearning?

The art of choosing the right authoring tool totally depends on content type, proficiency, devices on which content has to be deployed and available budgets and deadlines.

The significant requirement of mLearning course is that it has to be adaptable to the small screen size devices. For this we use the best rapid authoring tools through which we create incredible and appealing mLearning courses. Some of the tools among them are Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate, I Spring, Lectora Inspire, etc. These tools greatly help in developing efficient mLearning courses.

Articulate Storyline:

Through Storyline we can induce rich interactivities in the course without the concept of coding. It introduces the concept of slide layers, states, triggers and variable to create even the most complex interaction. Storyline stands as an imperative tool in converting the existing content into HTML 5 compatible courses which in turn facilitates mLearning. Storyline by publishing to HTML5 makes the learners to access the course in their iPads, mobile phones, etc.


Lectora, as you all know is one of the major HTML5 Authoring Tools. To develop content-heavy courses quickly, Lectora is the best option and it is perfect for multilingual courses. Built-in components in Lectora help us to transform existing content to interesting and engaging courses.Here there are no in-built interactivities; we need to customize the interactivities as per the requirement. Lectora tool helps you to publish the course directly into the iPad safari platform.


iSpring is a user-friendly tool mainly used to convert our PowerPoint Presentations to HTML5. Through this we can show our presentation on mobile devices easily. Using these tools you can easily convert your presentations to any video formats. This tool consists of Tin Can API support, which allows translation of courses into other languages.

Articulate Studio:

Articulate Studio is a package of three tools, namely, Articulate Presenter, Articulate Engage and Articulate Quiz maker. It has more than 20 in-built interactivities, which help us to develop the course within minutes. Other than the colors and text, we cannot add animations or coding directly. For this we need to manually customize the animations and interactivities. Presenter helps us to convert our PowerPoint presentations to online courses easily, whereas quiz maker helps us to create different assessments, quizzes as per the requirement quickly and easily.


Adobe Captivate 7:

Captivate 7 is one of the best rapid authoring tools for creating mLearning. We generally use this tool to present simulations and videos in the course. It can easily track user performance. With its in-built features it creates highly dynamic and attractive courses. If you are good at programming, you can create your own interactivities.

I hope this list will help you to choose the right authoring tool for your mLearning initiatives. If I have missed your favourite tool please do share; it will add to my knowledge.

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