How to Restrict Navigation through Menu in Articulate Storyline?

How to Restrict Navigation through Menu in Articulate Storyline?

Articulate Storyline allows you to customize any element of the eLearning course. This tool facilitates navigation through menu by default. Based to the requirement, we can adjust the menu. Menu can be also restricted so that the learner cannot proceed further without viewing the previous one.

Here, I would like to share how to restrict navigation through menu inAarticulate Storyline.

Step 1:

Click the Player button on the Home tab

Click the Player button

Step 2:

A window with player properties will appear. Click the Menu option.

Click the Menu option

Step 3:

From the window opened, you can find the Additional Options icon.

Additional Options icon

Step 4:

A window containing Menu Settings will be opened, and now you can change the Navigation Restriction Settings along with other menu settings. I would like to explain only the Navigation Restriction part, as other settings are beyond the scope of this post.

Navigation Restriction Settings

Step 5:

Click the Dropdown in the window and three options will be displayed – Free, Restricted and Locked.

Click the Dropdown in the window

Described below are the functions of each option.

  • Selecting the item Free enables the learner to navigate freely from the menu.
  • Selecting the item Restricted locks the navigation for slides till the learner visits them once. Note that navigation will be allowed for individual slides immediately once learner visits them.
  • Locked property is used to lock the navigation regardless of the visits.

Remember that setting the above options restrict only the navigation, but not the visibility of the slide titles.

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