Restricting E-learning Course Access In Moodle

Restricting E-learning Course Access In Moodle

Restricting E-learning Course Access In Moodle

The core function of a learning management system is to store and organize files and provide version-controlled access to data. As a training manager, you may want to have restrictions to the data such as:

  1. Complete the first course and the second course is available
  2. Complete the first topic and clear the assessments to unlock the second course
  3. Just attempt the first topic and access second topic

To apply restrictions to courses, you need to go to Site administration ->Advance Features and tick Enable condition access as shown below

Site Administration

Once you enable this, you can see the Restrict access in topic setting as shown below.

Restrict Access

From the above image, you can see that there are settings like start and end date (optional) to allow restriction. Grade condition is based on the score achieved in the previous topic. The best thing is we can add more than one grading condition by clicking “Add 2 grade condition to form”.

How to apply Conditions?

For the very first course there is no grading condition and users can access it. Remaining topics can be hide or make it grey colored when locked. Once the first topic is completed with appropriate marks, then the second topic will be unlocked. This repeats for the remaining topics in the course.

In Grade Condition, select the previous topic or the topic you want the user to complete before accessing the present topic. Then, you can provide the minimum and maximum scoring.

Hide Activity

If you want hide locked activity you can select the option “While access is prevented “to Hide activity entirely in the course and gradebook. Or you can select Show activity greyed-out, with restriction information as shown below

Show Activity

You can thus restrict the access to courses in Moodle as well as specify the sequence in which the user has to go through the course or material, by employing this option.

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