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Responsively Retrofitting Your Legacy E-learning Courses: Free eBook

Responsively Retrofitting Your Legacy E-learning Courses: Free eBook

Organizations are sitting on a huge stack of legacy courses, which have now become obsolete, since there are no takers for these courses. A lot of investment, time, and creativity have gone into the development of these courses. Fast-forward to the present day, the learner wants information on his mobile device, he wants everything bite-sized and accesses information from different devices. This gave rise to the concept of Responsive eLearning, where courses can be accessed on devices with varying screen sizes.

Responsive design offers various benefits – it provides learners a seamless learning experience, facilitates efficient sequential screening, and moreover, it is cost-effective because you will have a single source which makes courses accessible on multiple devices. However, the real challenge comes when you are looking to convert legacy courses to responsive. The media-rich old courses need to be treated with an effective instructional strategy followed by the selection of the right authoring tool for conversion.

To help you successfully convert your legacy eLearning courses to responsive design, we have compiled an eBook that aims to help training managers with a repository of online legacy courses at their disposal, revive them and serve the learning needs of a large group of audience. The eBook titled, “How to Retrofit Your Legacy eLearning Courses to Make Them Responsive”, outlines the need for conversion, focuses on what conversion involves, and a few success stories to guide you.

To know more on how to repurpose your legacy eLearning courses, download the eBook now!

How to Retrofit Your Legacy E-learning Courses to Make Them Responsive


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