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Responsive E-learning for Effective Training in a Multi-Device World [Video]

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Responsive E-learning for Effective Training in a Multi-Device World [Video]

According to Morgan Stanley Research, by 2015, more people would access the internet through mobile devices than desktop computers. The huge increase in the number of users of the “mobile internet” is forcing organizations to look beyond desktop computers to impart training online. The results of a study conducted by Google also prove the same point. It reveals that 98% of internet users switch between devices with varying screen sizes in a single day. 

So, how can you develop customer learning solutions for your workforce which uses a number of devices? Well, you need to make your e-learning courses responsive so that they can be accessed seamlessly on any device. Responsive e-learning courses enable you to:

  • Eliminate the problems associated with maintaining multiple versions of the same course, for different devices
  • Facilitate highly effective sequential learning. Your learners can begin the course on one device and end it on another.
  • Deliver enhanced learning experiences to your people

Check out this interesting video to learn more about responsive e-learning.

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