4 Valuable Reports From Moodle

4 Valuable Reports From Moodle

4 Valuable Reports From Moodle

Reports are a powerful tracking feature in Moodle LMS. They generate valuable information regarding the learners’ activity at the course level as well as the LMS site level.

By default, many types of reports are available in Moodle LMS. In this blog, I would like to share some of them.

  1. Log report
  2. Activity report
  3. SCORM report
  4. Configurable report

Log report: This report shows the information about the learners who have accessed the course. It will track the time, date and system IP address. We can also export this data to MS Excel.

Log report

Log report

Activity Report: This report shows the information about the number of views of each module in a course.

Location: Administration -> course administration -> reports -> activity report

Activity Report

SCORM report : It consists of three types:

  1. Basic report
  2. Graph report
  3. Interactions report

Basic Report: This report generates the data about the number of times the learner attempted the quiz and also his score on each attempt.

Basic Report

Graph report: This report displays the score of learners in the graphical format.

Graph report

Interactions report: This report shows the summarized information about each user, such as

  1. Start time, end time of the SCORM activity.
  2. Score for the SCORM activity.
  3. Status of the course completion (complete, incomplete, or inprogress)
  4. Scorm attempt Responses.

Interactions report

Configurable reports: This block main use for to create reports without any programming knowledge.

It is very helpful to administrators and teachers for generating own reports on site level or course level.

These are of the following types:

  1. Course report: Shows the information about all courses
  2. Category report: Shows information about course categories
  3. User report: Shows information about user activities
  4. SQL report: Generate more reports using custom SQL queries

Configurable reports

These are some of the reports generated by Moodle LMS. Have anything to say? Please do share!

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