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Articulate Storyline for E-learning Development – Replacing Videos Without Affecting Triggers

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Articulate Storyline for E-learning Development - Replacing Videos Without Affecting Triggers

When you are developing an e-learning course, there may be some situations where you need to update the video files multiple times with changes. You might have already fixed the size and position of that video or applied some triggers, which are to be retained.

But when you delete the old video and insert the updated video, you will need to adjust the size and position and add triggers again to the new video, increasing your development time.

Articulate Storyline helps avoid such rework and replace the video files easily with the help of the Edit Video option. The new video will be replaced with the same format and triggers, applied to the old video.

Here are the simple steps that’ll help do this.


In the Storyline project, insert a video in the slide, adjust it on the screen and add triggers as per your requirement. Double click on the video file, you will find some options under Movie Tools.

Insert a video in the slide step1


Click the Edit Video option; it will open another window with additional settings and options.

Click the edit video option step2

Another video with additional settings 2


In that window, click the Change Video option. Browse and replace the updated video, click the Save & Close button to return the main slide.

Click the change video option step3

Click save and close button step3

Now the new video will be embedded in the slide without any effect on the triggers already applied on it.

It’s a pretty easy way to replace video files without affecting the triggers, isn’t it?

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