How to Reduce Noise in Adobe Audition?

How to Reduce Noise in Adobe Audition?

How to Reduce Noise in Adobe Audition?

I am involved in the editing of videos and webinars. Sometimes the videos may have extraneous sounds like “honks”, “umm” and “shhh”. Adobe Audition is one of the best tools to reduce noise. You can remove the noiseand edit audio. In this post, I am going to explain how to remove unwanted sounds in the audio, using Adobe Audition.

  1. Open Audio File
  2. Select the Audio file
  3. Adjust the Time-line

Open Audio File

  • Open the audio file which you want to edit, by selecting the Open option from the File menu.

Open audio file

  • Open File window appears as shown in the screen shot.

Open file window

Select the audio file and click on Open button. You can see that the audio file is opened.

Select the audio file

Select the audio file

  • Select the required portion of the audio to delete or reduce the noise, or you can select the entire audio file to remove the noise throughout the audio.
  • Go to the Effects menu and Select the Noise Reduction (process) from the drop down list.

select the audio-file 2

  • The Effect – Noise Reduction window appears.

effect noise reduction appears

  • If you want to reduce noise for the entire audio, select the Select Entire File button.

Select entire file button

Adjust the Time-line

Below is the screen shot of the Effect – Noise Reduction in which noise floor shows the High, Low and Threshold with colors. By adjusting the time-line of the noise floor, we can reduce noise in the audio. This can be easily identified by listening to the audio file and identifying the error. Adjust the nodes in the time-line.

  • Yellow is high
  • Red is low
  • Green is the threshold

By adjusting the time-line threshold in between high and low, we can reduce the noise of the file.

Adjust the timeline

You can see three buttons at the bottom left corner in the effects window. The first, is toggle the power state button where we can see the variations of the audio file. If we click this button after applying the effect, we can see the effect applied. if you click this button for the second time, you can see the original audio. If it is not adjusted then, adjust the audio file again in the time-line.

The second button is the play and pause button, used to listen the audio.

The third is the Toggle loop button. Here we can listen to the selected audio any number of times. Audio is played continuously, unless we click the pause button. After adjusting the noise for the audio file, click the Apply button. Or click on the close button, if you want to edit the audio again.

This is how you can edit the audio in AdobeAuditon. If you have any tricks to edit the audio, please share.

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