6 Tips To Reduce Your E-Learning Development Cost – An Infographic

6 Tips To Reduce Your E-Learning Development Cost – An Infographic

E-learning has now become a global phenomenon. The eLearning methods cost less when compared to classroom training and that’s the reason why companies choose eLearning to train their employees.

There are many ways you can reduce costs while developing your eLearning course without compromising on the quality.

The first suggestion is to create reusable content that needs to be designed in such a way that is easily used for multiple training scenarios. Second, it is better to create the design and development process in a clear and a simple manner so that during this process everyone is organized. Don’t be eager to include high-level interactivity as it may impact the cost of development.

Since the rapid authoring tools are popular and easy to use, you can even think of investing in a PowerPoint eLearning. While developing the course, it is always advisable to outsource because internal resources may not be experts and can double the expenses and the expected outcome may not be achieved.

Let’s see how these tips to reduce your eLearning development cost are presented in the info graphic below.

Last but not the least, it is important to rate the vendor on the standardized criteria namely pricing, technical competency, quality and service. This ensures a drastic change in the development costs.

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