Re-creation of Flash Courses Using Articulate Storyline

Re-creation of Flash Courses Using Articulate Storyline

Re-creation of Flash Courses Using Articulate Storyline

For years, Adobe Flash was a dominant tool that breathed life into eLearning courses, with graphics, animations and advanced interactivities such as simulations, drag-&-drops, role plays and complex animations making learning more effective and enriching for the learners.

But the growing mobile workforce, increasing employee preference towards mobile learning and Steve Job’s decision not to support Flash on iPads have started bothering the organizations as to how their huge legacy flash courses can be made compatible to HTML5 so that they run on iPads. In fact, in the last 6 months, we have seen increasing demand from our clients, asking for re-creation of their Flash Courses in a cost-effective and quick manner.

Here is one such case study.


Our client, one of the world’s leading postal and logistics group, recently came up with a requirement to re-create their 5 existing Flash-based courses to HTML5 so that the courses can be run on iPads.

The courses were highly interactive with text, images, animations, assessments and supported by voice over and background music. In three courses, there were also some slides that had 3D animations.

The client wanted the courses to be interactive with flash kind of interactivities, in a month’s time and at affordable costs.

The other requirement of the client was to translate the courses into 8 different languages in future after the conversion but needed them without audio to reduce translation costs or avoid audio recording costs; so they asked for an effective solution like having the narration script displayed as subtitles.

Also they wanted the translation courses to have the background music without the voice, which is considered a big challenge in using the authoring tool.

Our Solution:

Although we have many authoring tools that can publish the courses to HTML5 output, allowing courses to run on iPads. We decided to use the Articulate Storyline tool because the client was expecting highly interactive courses with Flash kind of interactivities.

Storyline comes with inbuilt templates, characters and elements to create Interactivities, animations or simulations and develop an interactive and engaging eLearning course. It allows you to embed Flash Components into Storyline and create courses compatible to HTML5.

We have extracted all the elements such as content, images, audio, simple flash animations from the existing flash courses and embedded them into Storyline. Complex 3D animations were converted into videos so that they could be played on iPads.

To facilitate course translations without having to record the audio in different languages, we used the Closed Captioning feature to display the narration text as subtitles on screen. Even in future, if the client wishes to have the courses in more number of languages, he can just translate the narration text in that respective language and replace the text.

Articulate Screenshot

As shared, it was difficult to have the background music playing continuously throughout the course. So we had to split the background music slide wise and integrate the pieces into the slides.

The use of storyline tool helped us to cut down on development time and deliver the courses on time. It took us not more than 3 weeks for each course and at an affordable cost without losing the effectiveness of learning.

Re-creation of Flash courses is seen as a complicated task, but with the advent of authoring tools like Articulate Storyline, it’s no more a herculean task. Do you have any similar experience with Articulate Storyline or did you come across any such requirement? Do share with us.

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