5 Top Reasons Why You Must Consider MOODLE

5 Top Reasons Why You Must Consider MOODLE

Have oodles of training troubles? Switch on to MOODLE. MOODLE is a learning platform created to offer learners and administrators a robust, safe and integrated system to craft personalized learning environments. MOODLE is the most-widely used Learning Management system (LMS) by both small and big organizations and it has 85 million users across the world. Let’s see what else MOODLE has in store for you.

Quick and easy deployment

MOODLE deployment can be rapid and scalable. The process of LMS installation is also simple, which in turn, minimizes operating costs. The latest MOODLE version provides complete quick start templates which support the latest technologies, thus further enhancing MOODLE deployment.

Easy to add or remove features

The best thing about MOODLE is that any new feature can be added or removed easily to/from it. Every new feature is tested internally and a beta version is released on the website. The beta version is then shared with the volunteer group of beta testers for bugs to be reported. Once the bugs are fixed, the stable version is released. Similarly, the unwanted features can be removed to help users avoid confusion.

User-friendly navigations to Learners and Administrators

MOODLE is separated into three columns with suitable navigation links and also provides other information such as calendar and news. In the middle, lies the content area, where courses and their content can be accessed. Apart from these, it has other features such as docking, expandable and collapsible blocks etc., which offer good User Interface elements to learners.

Mobile app with offline player

In the past, you might have faced troubles when your employees were shifted to remote places and couldn’t access training courses. But now, E-learning courses can also be accessed offline through a mobile app with an offline player. With the advent of HTML5, MOODLE is now compatible with all mobile devices, accessible offline and with responsive design. So, e-learning courses can now be accessed on mobiles and that too, offline.

Open source and no per user licensing cost

MOODLE is a free, open source platform that is distributed under the General Public License. This permits users and administrators to alter it as per their need. It also allows them to share, run, and use it to meet their specific needs. It can be customized to satisfy the learners’ unique needs. MOODLE’s extensive features have attracted many users and users unable to use it can hire a MOODLE developer who can ease their job at reduced costs. The good news is, there’s no per user licensing cost for MOODLE.

Training managers have constant pressure on how to train their staff, but MOODLE puts an end to their worries by being a true blue training partner.

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