3 Reasons To Use Rapid Elearning To Quickly Train Your Sales Channel

3 Reasons To Use Rapid Elearning To Quickly Train Your Sales Channel

3 Reasons To Use Rapid Elearning

The other day while I was googling the importance of Rapid eLearning, I came across a case study, where the distribution network and the sales channel of Pepsi-Cola bottling industry struggled to keep up with sales targets due to the loss of their valuable time in Instructor led training. After reading the case study, I thought of sharing with you some interesting aspects of the study and although that company used videos to train their sales channel, I would like to suggest a different solution.

Case study Highlights:

The distribution network and the sales channel of Pepsi-Cola bottling industry are required to spend most of their time in the field. They have to travel, on an average, 8 hours to attend instructor led training, which significantly cuts down on their precious selling time.

This created a need for an ongoing training process that can rapidly train their sales geeks and can update them regularly at low cost in a short time frame.

Suggested Solution: Rapid eLearning

Rapid eLearning is the most viable option to implement as it is speedy and easy to develop and deploy. Here are 3 reasons why you should consider rapid eLearning for the challenges mentioned in the above case study


A company cannot generate revenue if they don’t have a way to quickly train their sales people on new products and offerings. For products with limited shelf life, quick training is mandatory. Rapid eLearning can come to the rescue with its speed of development and deployment. Rapid eLearnng can ensure that the sales and distribution network will have access to information on the latest product and campaign strategies.

Many of us think it takes a long time to develop an eLearning course, but in the Rapid eLearning solution we use authoring tools, like Articulate, Lectora and Captivate, greatly reducing the time. Developing a one hour course using these tools will take only 3 weeks.

Developing eLearning courses through Rapid Authoring tools can be cost effective and to develop a one hour of eLearning course using rapid authoring tools will cost you around 3000 USD to 5000 USD.

Easy Update of content:

You may have different promotional offers for your sales staff or channel partners. Making frequent updates to content is now easy with rapid authoring tools since they don’t demand any knowledge in programming. Someone who worked on MS word and PowerPoint can also work on these Rapid Authoring tools in updating the content. With rapid authoring tools you just have to edit and update the content whenever you need to make it current and digestible.

Knowledge retention:

Rapid eLearning courses have activities like quizzes, slide shows , scenarios, drag and drops, they all help in reinforcing the knowledge, since learners are more likely to remember when they interact and when they learn by doing.

effective sales skills

Bottom line:

The solution discussed above tells us how rapid eLearning can dramatically impact on distributions and sales network. The rapid eLearning solutions can be applied to any sales or distribution force in any industry. Rapid eLearning can ensure the training of your employees quickly and easily and can keep your employees up to date with new products and promotions.

Do you have a similar case study to share with us? You can share it through the comment box provided below.

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