4 Rapid Authoring Tools to Develop iPad Compatible Digital Courses

4 Rapid Authoring Tools to Develop iPad Compatible Digital Courses

4 Rapid Authoring Tools to Develop iPad Compatible Digital Courses

Today, many organizations are looking forward to leverage iPads for delivering on-demand training to their employees. The primary reason for this shift from desktops or laptops to iPads is the extensive use of these devices, in all aspects of our everyday lives.

Learners no longer wish to carry “heavy” laptops or remain confined to their desks. According to the Chitika Insights Report, in 2014, 77% of mobile web traffic from tablets came from iPads. The International Data Corporation (IDC) stated that in the first quarter of 2015, 12.6 million iPads were shipped, representing 26.8% of the tablet market.

Companies such as Abbott Laboratories, Medtronic Inc. and Boston Scientific Corp are investing in iPads for delivering on-demand learning to their sales reps (Source: Wall Street Journal article). Given this trend, to fully capitalize on this opportunity, authoring tool manufacturers are coming up with power packed tools, which can assist in creating interactive courses compatible with iPads with the least effort. Today, I will share information about a few tools with you.

Articulate Storyline 2 

The brand new version of Storyline is a wonderful tool to develop iPad-compatible courses. It comes with Articulate Mobile Player (AMP), which ensures excellent experiences for learners on mobile devices. AMP is a native iOS app and is also available in an Android version.

Our client, a leading medical equipment manufacturing company wanted to train its employees on its purchasing process. The client identified that most of its employees use iPads extensively and thus wanted to develop courses which can be accessed on these devices.

We used Articulate Storyline to develop the course as it comes with useful default features, interactivities and pre-defined screen templates that enable us to create effective courses in quick time. The course was published to Articulate Mobile Player (AMP)to provide better learning experience.

Adobe Captivate 8 

Captivate 8 can be used to create responsive online courses that can be accessed on all devices, including mobiles and desktop computers. It is power-packed with responsive themes that help deliver courses which can be accessed seamlessly on all devices irrespective of the size of their screens. This is possible as the position and the range of the size of the objects in the course can be specified according to the size of the screen. It also allows you to include various interactivities such as drag-and-drop and learning games for the iPad.

A multinational organization wanted us to develop an e-learning course to train their employees on its supply chain process. The client specified that the course should be interactive and compatible with the iPad.

We used Captivate 8 for this project, as it enables the development of interactive and learner-centric courses that are rich in graphics. We used various features of Captivate 8 such as advanced actions, in-built enhanced interactions library and quizzes to develop the course.

Lectora Inspire 12 

Lectora Inspire 12 comes with templates which are very useful to create courses for the iPad in quick time. This tool is ideal for converting text-heavy content into highly effective iPad-compatible courses. It also allows us to convert audio and videos into MP3 or MP4 format providing better mobile learning experiences.

A leading provider of financial and insurance services in Australia wanted to provide courses as references to its employees to help them succeed as leaders. The organization had existing classroom training materials and asked us to convert them into engaging learning resources which could be accessed seamlessly on the iPad.

We used Lectora to develop the course. We utilized the tool’s features such as in-built templates and applications to create interactivities and published the courses to HTML5 to deliver them seamlessly on different devices, irrespective of their platform.

ISpring Suite 7.1 

ISpring Suite 7.1 comes with an in-built app called iSpring viewer which helps deliver good learning experiences on iPads and Android devices. This tool is a PowerPoint add-in and helps convert PowerPoint presentations into iPad-compatible courses quickly. It preserves the animations and transitions used in the presentation after the conversion. It comes with a wide variety of publishing options such as HTML5, Flash, and .exe formats.

Our client, a leading electronic goods manufacturing organization wanted to train its employees, on performance management, through iPad-compatible e-learning courses. The client had several PowerPoint presentations and wanted to convert them into iPad-compatible courses. We selected iSpring Presenter 7 for the conversion, to preserve the design effects. We added interactivities and incorporated gamified assessments to engage the learner, and then, published the courses to HTML5, a format which is compatible with iPad, creating excellent resources for the client.

The iPad is much more than a piece of hardware. These were some of our client stories. Hope you find this post informative. There are many more tools which can be used to develop iPad-compatible courses. Do share them if you wish to add to the list.

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