19 FAQs About Rapid Authoring Tools and Their Answers – Part 2

19 FAQs about Rapid Authoring Tools and Their Answers – Part 2

19 FAQs About Rapid Authoring Tools and Their Answers – Part 2

In my previous blog, 19 FAQs about rapid authoring tools and their answers – Part 1, we have seen 9 frequently asked questions about rapid authoring tools and their answers. We will now look at answers to 10 more questions.

1. What is the ideal tool for delivering online training through videos?

  •  Our Recommendation: Adobe Premier. It has good video editing features.

2. I need a tool that is highly customizable. Can you suggest one?

  • Our Recommendation: You can go with Lectora.

3. What is the most flexible tool for creating interactive assessments and publishing them?

  • Our Recommendation: iSpring Quizmaker can be a good option. It allows you to create a wide variety of interactive assessments and publish them.

4. Which eLearning development software can preserve all PowerPoint effects?

  • Our Recommendation: Adobe Presenter 9 is the best bet. You can preserve all PowerPoint presentation animations.

5. Which tool has the feature of a library to store audio and video files?

  • Our Recommendation: In Lectora, we have the feature of a library that can store audio and video files.

6. Which tool allows me to customize the GUI of my course easily?

  • Our Recommendation: Our suggestion is Lectora. We can customize the GUI easily, when compared to other tools.

7. Which tool allows my instructional designers to seamlessly create storyboards for online courses?

  • Our Recommendation: Articulate Studio is a very good option. This tool can be used by instructional designers to develop storyboards, in a simple and hassle-free manner.

8. Which tool comes with a built-in player for viewing courses on iPads?

  • Our Recommendation: Articulate Storyline. This tool comes with a built-in mobile player, which is available as a native iOS app and can be used to seamlessly access courses on iPads.

9. Which tool has the largest user-community and provides the best customer-support?

  • Our Recommendation: Articulate Storyline has a very active user-community. A number of very useful resources are available on the website of its developer (www.articulate.com).

10. Which tool allows me to publish SCORM compliant courses easily in quick time?

  • Our Recommendation: We recommend using one of these four tools.
  1. Articulate Storyline
  2. Articulate Studio 13
  3. Adobe Captivate 8
  4. Lectora Inspire 11

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