19 FAQs About Rapid Authoring Tools and Their Answers – Part 1

19 FAQs About Rapid Authoring Tools and Their Answers – Part 1

19 FAQs About Rapid Authoring Tools and Their Answers – Part 1

Are you looking for the right rapid authoring tool that can satisfy your needs in an efficient and cost-effective manner? Are you looking for a resource that can clarify your doubts? Then, you are at the right place. Here are 19 frequently asked questions about rapid authoring tools and their answers.

Q1. What is the ideal tool for converting PowerPoint presentations into eLearning courses that have limited interactivities?

  • Our Recommendation: The perfect tool to convert PowerPoint presentations into eLearning courses is Adobe Presenter 9. It is easy to add interactions, characters and scenes to the PowerPoint presentations to make compelling and interactive eLearning courses.

Q2. What is the most user-friendly rapid authoring tool?

  • Our Recommendation: The most user friendly rapid authoring tool is Articulate Studio

Q3. Which authoring tool can be used to develop multi-device compatible digital courses?

  • Our Recommendation: The tool best suited to develop multi device compatible eLearning courses is Captivate 8. Its responsive design capabilities provide optimal viewing experience across all devices.

Q4. What is the most translation-friendly rapid authoring software?

Q5. Which tool can be learnt in the shortest time?

  • Our Recommendation: The tool that can be mastered in the shortest time is Articulate Studio.

Q6. Which authoring tool should I choose for developing a simulation-based eLearning course?

  • Our Recommendation: Adobe Captivate 8 can be considered for this requirement because its screen-capturing capabilities are much better, when compared to other tools.

Q7. What is the ideal tool for recreating existing Flash-based courses?

  • Our Recommendation: You can use Articulate Storyline. This tool provides greater flexibility for customization, when compared to other rapid authoring tools. You can create certain types of interactivities that are possible to develop using Flash, using Storyline. However, none of the rapid authoring tools that are currently available in the market can rival the capabilities of Flash to develop interactive courses.

Q8. What is the perfect tool for converting my online training material into interactive eBooks?

  • Our Recommendations: Flipbook maker can be the best choice if your training materials are in PDF format. If it is in Power Point format you can convert it into the PDF and then import into Flip book maker. Refer the below link. How to Convert a PDF Document into a Flipbook?

Q9. What is the best tool for creating on-demand webinars?

  • Our Recommendation: Adobe Presenter 9 is the right choice. Using Presenter 9, we can edit the recording of your live webinar, remove disturbances or errors, if any, synchronize it and publish it to HTML5.

We will look at the other 10 questions in the next blog. So, stay tuned. Hope you find this blog useful.

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