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Ensuring Quality in E-learning Design and Development: Free eBook

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Ensuring Quality in E-learning Design and Development: Free eBook

Organizations are increasingly using e-learning to achieve their business goals given its myriad benefits. They have the option of developing courses in-house or outsourcing the effort to external vendors. But in both cases, e-learning development is a collaborative effort that requires individuals with different skill sets. As the course and its various elements are designed and developed, they pass through several people and teams. This leaves room for errors and if undetected, these errors pass along the pipeline.

It becomes very time-consuming and tedious to spot and rectify these issues at the end of development. Also, these errors are not just functional; they can be logical errors too, such as misaligned learning objectives and assessments. So it is essential to ensure issues and errors are identified at the source and corrected immediately before they move to the next stage. This will ensure e-learning offers learners a memorable, meaningful learning experience.

To achieve this, we need to have checks in place at each step to assure quality. Want to get hold of guidelines that’ll help ensure quality and minimize errors in your e-learning courses? Check our eBook ‘Quality Management in E-learning Design and Development’ that provides quality guidelines and more:

  • A brief introduction to quality
  • The e-learning design and development process
  • Quality measures at each stage of the process
  • Templates to record requirements and track bugs

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