How to Publish your E-learning courses in Html5 using Articulate Presenter 13?

How to Publish your E-learning courses in Html5 using Articulate Presenter 13?

Do you know about the latest feature of articulate presenter 13? It supports iPad and mobile devices! After completing your presentation or course in Articulate Presenter, you can choose to publish it in multiple formats in a simple and easy way. You can choose the Web, Articulate Online, LMS, CD options from the Publish window. In this blog, we will learn how to publish a file created in Articulate Presenter as web content with HTML5 support.

Step 1: Go to your PowerPoint presentation and then click publish in Articulate tab.


Step 2: The Publish window will appear. You can choose the web option from the publish window.

Publish window

Step 3: Title and Location: Click the Title text box in Web. Type your presentation title.

Title and Location

After typing your presentation title, go to the description box, and add your presentation description. It will be useful when uploading the course to an LMS. Next, indicate the folder where you want to save your published file in your local drive.

Step 4: HTML5 and Mobile devices

This is the latest feature in Articulate Presenter. In earlier versions, we could publish the output as swf files. It did not support html5 and mobile devices.

HTML5 and Mobile devices

Choose the options as follows:

1. Include HTML5 output: This option is useful if learners do not have a flash player; they can view the presentation in HTML5 compatible browsers.

2. Use Articulate Mobile Player on iPad: Through this option, learners can view courses in an iPad. You need to first install Articulate Mobile player from Apple iTunes App store. After it has been installed, it will automatically open the course in iPad. It supports flash content too.

3. Allow downloading for offline viewing: You can check this option if you want learners to save the presentation in Articulate Mobile player library for later access. Once learners save the presentation/course, they can view it at any time with internet access and without intranet access.

Step 5: Player Properties:

The Player shows the interface settings such as menu, glossary, resources, player controls, and other features. The Quality settings are default.


Player Properties

After completing all the settings, just click the publish button.

All that the learners need to do is click the Launch.html file and it will open the presentation/course. Learners can open the presentation/course in any browser and/or open the presentation in an iPad.

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