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A Clear Proof that Moodle is Very Intuitive

A Clear Proof that Moodle is Very Intuitive

The user-friendliness of a software application can be measured by the number of steps needed to perform an activity. This is particularly true for learning management systems (LMSs) as they are used by several users and administrators. An LMS can be considered complicated if the user needs to perform 2 steps to go to the required page or do any LMS activity. We can customize the user side by creating shortcuts on the dashboard. But, what about the administrators’ activities?

Let’s take an example of uploading eLearning course on the LMS. To upload a course, certain steps need to be performed by the administrator. As it is an administrative activity, most of the steps are mandatory. One way to simplify the process is to change all the default values in the course creation forms based on common requirements. Still, administrators need to go through the all the steps by clicking the Next/continue buttons in order to complete the uploading process.

Moodle is rated high in user and administrator intuitiveness, according to an eLearning Guild report. One of the reasons could be its unique “DRAG and DROP” feature. At CommLab India, we have customized Moodle to use it as our customer portal. E-learning developed for our customers hosted on LMS and shares it for their review. Earlier, we had an older version of Moodle which did not have drag and drop features. Project managers, who uploaded courses, felt that the activity was very complex and time consuming. Recently, we started using the latest version of Moodle, and the project managers felt that it was “80% simpler” when compared to the older version.

If you want to upload training material in PDF, PPT, DOC, .Zip, audio, video, image formats eLearning courses (SCORM/AICC compliant) or documents in other formats, on the LMS, you need to just drag and drop the files. The LMS automatically detects the format of document uploaded and configures all the default settings. If you wish to update any settings, you can do so. Otherwise, you can release it to users. It will show the uploading status bar, while the documents are getting uploaded.



The drag and drop feature can be used not only to add training material to the LMS, but also to upload other files. For example, you can upload a CSV file containing bulk user accounts. If you want a demo of this feature, please let me know, and I can arrange for the same.

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