Promoting Online Training through eLearning Trailers

Promoting Online Training through eLearning Trailers

Promoting eLearning through eLearning Trailers

Organizations these days spend a lot of money on training. But not all employees enroll for the training. Only when they feel motivated, they take the course. One of the ways for promoting employees to take an eLearning course is through the use of trailers.

We have seen trailers for movies; these trailers are capable of kindling or creating a curiosity in us to watch the movie. In the same way, trailers for eLearning courses can motivate employees to take the course with interest and enthusiasm.

What is a trailer?

A trailer is a short video that comprises the main points or the key takeaways from the course. These highlight the benefits of the course by educating the employees on the significant impact it can have on their career and also highlighting how it aids in achieving the organizational goals.

Trailers show relevance to the actual course and make the employee take the course.

These trailers can be uploaded on to their login portals, which they are certain to visit. They give the employee a gist of the objectives of the course. Trailers also help in building awareness among the employees about the courses. As these trailers motivate the learner, they increase the number of employees enrolling for the course.

Short but powerful

Successful trailers have information that is just right – not too much and not too less. The duration of the trailer is important because it creates an impression of the main course. A short and engrossing trailer has the greatest impact on employees.

What goes in it?

Here’s what should be in a trailer.

  • Unanswered and prompting questions can be included.
  • Only the highlights of the course can be mentioned; the purpose of a trailer is to give the overview of the course to create interest in the employee.
  • Learning objectives of the course can be presented as questions
  • A message from a senior employee or head of the department briefing the importance of the course can be included.
  • Taglines and catchy phrases can be added to trigger inquisitiveness in the learner.

A trailer can be made interesting for the employee so that he takes the course with interest. Word of mouth is an effective way of spreading the word around, thereby ensuring that more number of employees enroll for a particular course.

Trailers have contributed to increases in the number of employees enrolling for the course.

Sample Trailer for eLearning Training Managers

An interesting trailer promotes employees to take the course and finally attain the organizational goal.

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