Product training for Sales Force : Go with Mobile Learning

Product training for Sales Force : Go with Mobile Learning

Most of us have heard that businesses are becoming much more “customer-centric” today. The importance of customer satisfaction is apparent when it is observed that without the customer there is no business. Thus, in order to satisfy their customers, organizations need to upgrade the effectiveness of their sales force through proper product training.

What is the traditional method to train the sales force on a particular product?

As in the past, learning in brick and mortar classrooms involves extensive knowledge-sharing that spans anywhere from a day to a week. Now, if this knowledge is not used in the job context, immediately after it is shared, it is likely to be forgotten. Thus, it is likely that when employees (here sales people) need this knowledge at a later date, chances are that they may have to re-invent the wheel all over again.

What is the best solution to this problem?

It is difficult for a dynamic sales force to re-invent the wheel all over again. Such instances can be avoided, when instructor-led classroom training programs are followed up with mLearning capsules or resources that can be accessed by employees anytime.

What are the areas of product training that mLearning can address?

Product Training and marketing collaterals are essential to the sales team. It is to be remembered that today’s customer is much more knowledgeable and thus your sales personnel should be competent enough to address their problems and provide a quick solution to them. So, with the aid of mLearning, we can address the following areas of product training:

  • Product portfolio
  • Features and benefits
  • Unique selling tips
  • Competitor comparisons, and
  • Cross-selling options 

How Organization reaps the benefit of enabling mLearning on Product training?

BlackBerry used to deliver product training through customized online learning portals. In 2012, they decided to use next generation mobile technology to deliver JIT learning to their sales people on latest product updates.


There are other organizations that use mobile learning to educate their employees or sales force on a particular product.

Nike, the leading sporting-goods company launched a learning initiative titled, Sports Knowledge Underground (SKU) Mobile Program.


According to Kukulska Hulme, “Mobile learning is part of a new learning landscape created by the availability of online and personal technologies supporting flexible, accessible, learner-focused education.”

Thus, the time has come to tap the potential of mobile learning for product training and devise steps to adopt it to suit specific situations such that it ensures greater benefit to the sales force. And, remember a single unsatisfied customer reduces the chance of getting ten potential customers.

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